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Latest News

As you can see UT now has his own website. This is done to ensure no problems will occur in the future according to bandwidth and webspace. The new setup allows the site to grow furter mainly on the texture area's.

The new site is also located on a different server by the host, so in case either site goes down than the other site can still offer limited downloads from the other site. This aplies to the General section and and all texture downloads.

As fas as navigation nothing will change, you can still flip to Unreal and vice versa, as you will automatically redirected to the other site. The only thing you will notice is the change on the left top logo and the internet adress. Apart from that you wont notice anything.

Latest News

The UT site will contain follow:

- The S3TC textures for UT, including some 1.2 gigabyte of new S3TC textures, and yes they will be netcompatible.
- Downloads for PSD files created for the UTRP project.
- Some 8024 UT maps.
- Some 250 prefab brushes for mapbuilding.
- Tons of tutorials.
- Texture Database for UT.
- All patches needed for UT

Of course there is more, we just mentioned the most important stuff :)





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